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Green Screen photos for your party?

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Magnet Me Now-Photo Station with a Green Screen Backdrop

Using This unique technology lets us add special effects and backgrounds to your photos! Great for making your event unique!
Guests pose in front of the green screen and then using our special software replace digitally the green screen with their choice of backdrop.

Few ideas for Green Screen: City view, Sports Arena, Special graphic effect, Magazine Covers, Props photo shoot, Red Carpet, Las Vegas, Your favorite location and many more.

Within few seconds, you and your guest receive photos that are printed on-site, superimposed and framed with a custom border and text to suit your party theme.
Packages include 4 x 6" or photos or photo magnets, up to 3 backdrop images, custom designed border and text.

We offer unlimited photo sessions and print for each person in picture if they choose to.

Green Screen Fun Photos